About Us

Our company is established in the year 1996 and since then we are giving service with our young and experienced team whose are aiming a continuous growth and innovations. Management concept and policy of our company: with the awareness of the necessity of innovation, providing the maximum quality not only for production, but also for design, marketing activities and after-sale services and to build relationships with customers based on trust.

In our production center located in Istanbul with 4000m2 area, we are sustaining our activities with our 300 staff members working in design, production, storing and showroom units and realizing always the forward-facing projects.

We are reflecting our power coming from the production to the prices and quality, and we are offering innovative and difference-creating products to our customers.

Our collection contains stylish and elegant suits, dresses, trousers, pants, skirts and blouses, trench coats, coats and jackets. Combining the original fabric and pattern designs with the season’s trends made Eveline a privileged brand in its sector.

Our Mission

Being a brand that aims an unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction, meeting all the expectations of world standards with its products and services, without compromising on quality to be the brand that leads the ready-to-wear garment sector for ladies.

Our Vision

Creating the product and service difference, and making the sentence “always chic, always pioneer” as women of Eveline’s motto.